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Hong Kong Ethics: A Johnnie To Primer

Johnnie To is a prolific Hong Kong-based film director and auteur who has been active since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Initially working in both television and film, he firmly decided to work in the regional movie business in the mid-1980’s. Beginning his film career as something of a
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2015: The Cinepunx Top 10s

  The task was simple.  A spattering of interesting contributors were commissioned to put together a list of their top 10 records and movies of 2015, including some short write-ups for their five favorites in each category.  Some found no difficulty in completing this task  (a miracle for those of
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Conceivably Leftist Cinema: Blackhat

Mark Jessup: “How do you feel about this?” Carol Barrett: “Not good. It’s worse for the guy in there. I’m surprised you went along.” Mark: “Washington didn’t see Chai Wan.” With its opening shot Mann sets Blackhat—and our lives—firmly within the dialectics of rarefication and reification, connection and disconnection, proximity and distance: a disembodied connectivity
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