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Netflix Weekly: WIN IT ALL

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the our new column here at Cinepunx, NETFLIX WEEKLY! Each week let Jaime Burchardt be your guide through the highs and lows of Netflix exploding original film content!) Before watching Win it All, the phrase I kept hearing and seeing online that described co-writer/director Joe Swanberg’s
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Killer Musings: A Look Back at SERIAL MOM

For many years, filmmaker John Waters spent his leisure time traveling the United States, stopping from city to city and eagerly hopping from one court date to another; not on trial, but as spectator. A self-described “crime hag,” Waters viewed criminal trials as a kind of elaborate theater. The often
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WE GOT ISSUES: March Comic Round-Up

A-hoy-hoy, everyone! The dreadnaught of chicanery, Johnny, is back with a brand new comic round-up! In March, I read 197 comics (that’s right, I keep track). Here’s what’s worth mentioning: Once and Future Queen #1 by (W) Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride (A/CA) Nick Brokenshire from Dark Horse Comics was a pretty
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