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Cinepunx’s Best of 2017

It’s the Best Movies and Music of 2017, as determined by your friends at Cinepunx. Because we’re egalitarian as hell, we not only let everyone determine their own lists, we let them determine their own awards, and — throwing all caution to the wind — we even invited friends of
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Netflix Weekly: MUDBOUND

I felt anger almost immediately after the credits started rolling for Mudbound, though it was not due to the film’s quality. As of this writing, I’m grateful that some good is rising out of the ashes that was the garbage fire year of 2017, for myself personally and the world.
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LADY BIRD in the Time of Chaos

At first glance, the decision to set Lady Bird in 2002-2003 seems like little more than an autobiographical flourish on the part of writer-director Greta Gerwig. Gerwig herself came of age during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, so it makes perfect sense that this would be her frame of
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