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REKT: The Watermelon Woman

This is REKT, the column where each month one Cinepunx staffer recommends films to the rest of the fam. We may be stoked, or we may be wrecked. This month, it’s Adrianna Gober’s turn to do the damage. Here are Liam’s thoughts on The Watermelon Woman.   REKT is a column
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CINEPUNX Remembers George A. Romero

Regular listeners to the flagship show of this collective, Cinepunx, will have heard the story a few times of my introduction to horror when a less than attentive parental figure allowed me to join my not yet “step” siblings to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is, honestly, a
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Cinepunx needs your Patronage!

PATREON PAGE!! There comes a time in every great human endeavor, where those who began the endeavor must reach out to others for aid, to add their efforts to the project so that it might break through to new levels of greatness. Granted, we ask you, our amazingly patient audience,
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